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ACC is becoming increasingly complex and a number of our clients have indicated the management of their ACC commitment is time consuming. We can assist you to review your current cover, identify discounts you could be entitled to, or if there is a better way to structure your business and personal affairs.


Kendons is in a position to manage your ACC, on your behalf and can be linked online to your ACC account. This allows us easy access to your ACC bills and less paper handling.  When linking your ACC account we will perform the following:


1.       Review what ACC product you have in place, and whether this is the appropriate product for your circumstances. For example a number of different products are available – such as ACC Cover Plus and ACC Cover Plus Extra.

2.       Review whether the appropriate ACC rates and business service code are being applied (to ensure that you are not underpaying or overpaying ACC).

3.       Establish the eligibility for the following ACC discounts:

a.       Workplace safety discount

b.      No claims discount

c.       Workplace safety management practices

d.      Experience rating discount

4.       Review what other insurance (in particular, income protection insurance), you have in place, and assess whether changes to your ACC cover should be made, as a result. You need to be mindful that ACC cover relates to injuries – it does not cover sickness or other disabilities. We are able to put you in touch with someone in the insurance industry, if you need assistance in this area.

5.       Monitor the charging and payment of ACC, via our online access to ACC, to ensure that what you should be paying is paid. We will have the ability to directly access your account with ACC, and review transactions on an ongoing basis.


If you wish us to perform this service for you, please print and sign the approval section of this letter below, and return this letter to us by mail or

We believe there are benefits to you in having this work completed.


We would estimate that the charge for this service would be $375 (GST exclusive) .

If you have any queries, please contact us.


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